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Radicon partners with Artec Machine Systems

Radicon partners with Artec Machine Systems
Enabling Sales and Service for its High-Speed Reducers in North America

Radicon Drive Systems and Artec Machine Systems have entered into a definitive
agreement to serve customers seeking high-speed power transmission solutions in the United
States, Canada, and Mexico. As per the agreement, Radicon, an Elecon Group Company, and Artec
Machine Systems will collaborate to leverage the skills required to deliver state-of-the-art high-
speed reducers with reliable services for clients throughout North America.
Radicon highly engineered products are designed and built in India by the parent Elecon
Engineering Company”, said General Manager Hitesh Patel of Radicon Drive Systems based in Elgin,
IL. “This partnership enables us to leverage our production skills with Artec’s proficiency to serve
customers seeking high-speed power transmission solutions in North America.”
“Artec has been in business for five decades, having delivered engineered gears, that required
unique solutions for high-speed applications”, said John Amendola III, President of Artec Machine
Systems based in North Branford, CT. “Artec’s experience with high-speed gears, combined with
Elecon’s production capacity will enable us to deliver a dependable one-stop product to clients
seeking such solutions in high-speed power transmission applications.
Elecon, based in India, manufactures all its gear units under one-roof, from design to gear-cutting,
heat-treat, painting and final performance testing, assuring more dependable in quality in the
product which in turn results in a greater return on investment for customers in United States,

About Radicon Drive Systems, Inc.
Radicon provides sales and service for various industrial power transmission products, from geared
motors to industrial, planetary and worm reducers, couplings and more. It offers highly dependable
and cost-effective solutions for Cement, Mining, Steel, Sugar, Material Handling, and other power
intensive industries. Radicon is a US subsidiary of the Elecon Engineering Company, India, and is
based in Elgin, Illinois.

About Artec Machine Systems, Inc.
Artec Machine has been trusted for engineering design, parts, field repair and maintenance of all
types of heavy gear systems. It specializes in delivering customized power transmission solutions;
from repair, rebuild and assembly of industrial gearboxes, testing, complete overhaul besides any
emergency field service. Artec, was established in 1972 and is based in North Branford, Connecticut.

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