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  • Designed for Distribution
  • Rapid assembly for a quality deliverable
  • Efficient Service: Deliver solutions with minimal downtime
  • Minimal inventory overhead
  • Greater return on investment
  • 600 kits make over 10M solution
  • Drop in for most European style geared motors

Value Proposition

  • Price Premium: Over 44% in Kits, 36% in Bulids Cost saving for end user allows you to sell above your competitiors price.
  • Substantial Market Opportunity
    Instant access to other manufactures due to product interchangeability.
  • Fastest to Market
    Your own stock gives you the advantage in speed of Supply.
  • Minimal Investment
    Low inventory and ease of assembly you toget up and running quickly and cost effectively.
  • Total Commitment
    Supported by highly experienced and Knowledgeable staff.

Radicon RBC Reducers and Geared Motors

  • Series M C F K available as part of RBC program
  • Case sizes 08 and below for typical RBC, although this may vary
  • Products acquired as kits; these are then assembled by the Rapid Build Center

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