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Custom Gearboxes

Radicon offers wide range of power transmission products, including custom made Industrial gearboxes.

With over six decades of market leadership, one of our core strength is in our ability to customize an existing standard product into a new design to meet customer's particular specifications and reverse engineering.

When requirements are of challenging nature, our highly trained engineering team strives to develop an optimized, tailor-made product for a specific application in close co-operation with the customer to suit their needs. Our experienced and qualified engineers secure that the product fulfils the requirements of even the most challenging and demanding applications. Success and experience garnered from numerous deliveries to various industries helps us deliver a highly available gearbox with trouble-free operation. This may be from a standard catalog product range to tailor-made solution with preferred options.

We are geared to manage new challenges with most sophisticated technology; our ultra-modern amenities with our skilled labor-force helps us cater to all of your engineering needs.