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Radicon to promote its Gear Products for Steel Industry at AISTech, May 8th through 10th, 2023 at the Huntington Place, Detroit, MI. Booth #2104A.

AIST, the association for Iron and Steel is holding its conference and exposition on May 8th through May 10th at the Huntington Place in Detroit, Michigan. The exposition features latest technologies in iron and steelmaking from all over the world.

Radicon is an Elecon Group Company. We are one of Asia's largest precision gear manufacturing companies specializing in power transmission solutions for Steel, Cement, Sugar, Mining, Crane, Aggregate, Material Handling, Marine, and more. We deliver gearboxes that include Helical, Bevel-Helical, Planetary and Worm gears besides Geared Motors and Coupling.

We design and manufacture highly dependable solutions for the Steel industry. This includes Standard, Custom-Built and Drop-in Gearboxes for:
  • Hot and Cold Rolling Mill Drives
  • Coiler/Un-coiler Drives
  • Pinion Stand Drives including convertible stand
  • Roller Table Drives
  • Hoist Drives for Ladle Crane
  • Ladle Tilt Drives
  • Cold Shear Drives
  • Flattener and Bridle Drives
  • Speed-Change Gearbox and more

We invite you to visit us.