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We offer a wide range of industrial gearbox repair services and can boast many years experience of repairing demanding and highly critical transmissions in numerous industries. Our repair expertise can be applied to the simplest transmissions through to complex drive arrangements of all makes and types.

In addition to repairing products, we offer a full technical service to identify the root cause of your production problems and recommend the optimum solution. Our expertise will often enable us to offer product upgrades to improve the performance or lifetime of your existing transmissions.

On-site services are also provided, from a full application review to ensure you have the optimum product for your requirements, through to on-site repair and condition monitoring services to minimise downtime.

Our focus on high quality industrial gearbox repair combined with fast response times ensures the best possible solution for our customers.

Contact Information

To contact our dedicated service and repair team, please use the details below.

Tel: +1 888 MY-GEARS


24 Hour US Call Out Number

Please use the following number 24/7 365 days a year (US ONLY) to call out one of our specialist service & repair engineers

+1 888 MY-GEARS