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Vertical Agitator / Mixture Drive

ELECON's Agitators/Mixers Drives are supplied for  chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food processing applications. The diversity of the application requirements and the media employed necessitate customized plant designs.

The gear unit is normally vertically mounted to the agitator/mixer tank. In addition to transmitting torque, it also absorbs the axial and radial loads that occur as a result of the application's specification. ELECON gear
units for agitator/mixer drives have a standard/reinforced output shaft and rolling-contact bearings for this purpose.



For heavy-duty agitator/mixer, the axial loads are very heavy, in this case, ELECON can supply vertical gear
unit solutions with an additional thrust bearing

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  • Full Description
    Sizes 19 to 26 
    Gear stages   3-stages
    Power ratings up to 700 kW
    Transmission ratios i = 20 to 112
    Nominal torques  up to 111,000 Nm
    Mounting positions Vertical
  • Applications
    • Agitator
    • Mixer Drive
  • Industries
    • Chemical Industry