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For the growing need of steel roling mills, Radicon has developed custom-made gearboxes to obtain variable speed of rolling mill to suit client’s requirements. Such special-purpose gearboxes have been supplied to Precision Equipments, Flat Products and to ultimate users such as Comet Steels, Sipta Steels, Nanded, and Him Ispat, Himachal Pradesh.

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  • Full Description
    Features Parallel shaft helical gear box with two different output speeds
    Advantages Two predefined outputs speeds can be obtained using a manual / automatic lever
    Technical Specifications SCN 630 (600) S/So suitable for 185 kw & ratios of 3.8/1 & 2.6923/1
    Product Application Steel Rolling Mills, Refineries to obtain different output speeds
    Range Tailor made to client`s specifications
  • Applications
    • Speed Change - Steel Rolling Mills
  • Industries
    • Steel Industry