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Special Helical Gear box for Palm Oil Mill Drive Application

Radicon has successfully designed, manufactured and supplied gearboxes for palm oil industry. This gearboxes are foot mounted, three stage, parallel shaft, helical gear reducer with solid input and out put shaft. The gear box body is out of C.I. and the top gear case has been specially designed to mount electrical motor directly on it. The gear reducer has been fitted with specially designed heavy duty breather plug considering dusty environment.

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  • Full Description
    Features Helical & Bevel Helical gear boxes
    Advantages Improved power ratings & better effeciency
    Technical Specifications Compact suitable to mount motor on gearbox4
    Product Application Drives of palm industries like Screw Press, Kernel Expellers & Digesters etc
    Range Available for Mech torque range up to 72 KNM for Screw Press, 134 KNM for Kernel Expellers & 234 KNM for Digester drives            


  • Applications
    • Screw Press
    • Digesters
    • Kernel Expellers
    • Process Applications
  • Industries
    • Palm Oil Industry