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Medium Wind Turbine Gearbox - SDNK 1400

Radicon manufactures highly demanding wind turbine gearboxes under technical collaboration with Wind Master of Belgium. Structure of the SDNK 1400 wind mill gearbox not only supports the power generator and disc brake, but also the wind turbine blades through a hexagonal flanged low speed shaft. The wind mill gearbox case and adopter are specially developed for this purpose out FG 320 material. This wind turbine gearbox’s internals are carburized, hardened, ground and profile corrected for speed increasing application. Gear tooth and bearings are splash lubricated.

The wind mill gearbox is supported on Nacelle trough sturdy brackets and operates at a height of 40 meters off ground. Hydraulic cylinder shaft maneuvering the blade angle is also accommodated in the gearbox casing.

Technical Specifications

Wind Mill Gearbox SDNK 1400
Power 300 kW
Turbine Shaft Speed 43 rpm
Generator Shaft Speed 1512 rpm
Speed increasing Ratio 1 / 35.1487
Weight 4000 kg. approx.

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  • Full Description
    Features Helical speed increaser gear box suitable upto 100 Kw Wind Mill
    Advantages Specially designed speed increaser for wind mills
    Technical Specifications Suitable upto 350 kw power generation and ratio upto 1/40
    Product Application Wind Mill for Wind Power Generation
    Range Wind Mill for Wind Power Generation
  • Applications
    • Wind Mill
    • Small & Medium Wind Turbine
    • High Capacity Wind Turbine
  • Industries
    • Power Industry
    • Windmill