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Radicon engineering has expertise in designing and manufacturing high speed, high power gear boxes.

TA – Turbo Gear Unit (Double Helical Gear)

The TA TURBO Gear unit is a single stage step-up or reduction Gear unit with horizontally offset. It is designed as a double helical Gear unit.

High Gearing quality and tooth flank modification adapted to actual tooth load allow for extremely high pitch line velocity.

Double helical Gear units are simple to design & manufacture and compact. Double helical gearboxes are more efficient than single helical gear boxes.

This Gear unit is used in high speed plants such as turbo generators, turbo Compressor, Boiler feed pump application etc.

TAD – Turbo Gear Unit (Single Helical Gear)

The TAD turbo Gear unit is a single stage step-up or reduction gearbox with horizontally offset. It is designed as a single heical the thrust collar technique.The tooth thrust resulting from helical teeth is being compensated through thrust collar.

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  • Full Description
    • Gas Turbine
    • Steam Turbine
    • Pumps
    • Compressor
    • ID/FD Fan
    • Blowers
    • Test Rig
    • Special Application

    Design is based on RENK guidelines .Elecon had co-operation with RENK for High speed gear Boxes from 1988 to 1994.

    Design Standards
    • AGMA – 6011
    • AGMA – 6010
    • API-613 ( 5 TH EDITION )
    • API-677 ( 2 ND EDITION )

    Elecon has manufactured gearboxes upto 23,000 kw and speeds upto 10,000 rpm.

    Retrofit / Repair

    Apart from supplying new gearboxes, Elecon can provide retrofitting / repair of any other make of the gears.

    • Elecon can supply complete new gearbox on existing foundation by keeping center distance and center height same as of existing one.
    • Manufacturing of only gear wheel and pinions to fit in the existing casing .
    • Elecon can provide new gearbox/ gear internals with upgraded power or change in ratio to fit on
      • Existing foundation.
      • Existing center distance.
      • Existing center height.
    • Overhauling of any make of the gearBox.
    • Ongoing service support.
  • Applications
    • Turbine
  • Industries
    • Sugar Industry
    • Power Industry