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Gear boxes with Pinion Stand for Wire Rod Mill Drives
The recent trend for such mill stands is to go alternatively for one horizontal and one vertical set which avoids 90 stock rotation at the end of each reduction and accordingly the gear boxes have the drive arrangement and the shaft disposition. Radicon made a mark by developing such type of special gear boxes first time in the country as import substitution and supplied to M/S Mukund Ltd and saved sizable amount of foreign exchange.

The set of these gear boxes consist of total 14 No,7 horizontal and 7 vertical, having higher ratio in the beginning and tapering into lower ratio at the tail end. The size varies from SCF 710 / 480 at the bigger end to KAF 315 / 285 at the small end. All the gear internals are out of case carburising steel duly carburised and hardened and precisely ground with profile corrections on all pinions and longitudinal corrections depending on the load, so as to keep the noise level as low as upto 80 db. Forging ratios for the gear internals are specially monitored as well special care is taken in the sealing arrangement. All the bearings as well almost all gear meshing are spray lubricated which are getting adequate supply of lubricating oil from common force lubrication system.

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