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Dual Tandem – Power Sharing Gear Box

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  • Full Description
    Features Features: Helical Load Sharing Dual Tandem Gearbox model S4BZ-35. Power Sharing at last two stages to increase Torque Transmission Capacity at a relatively smaller Gear size
    Advantages Dual Tandem system at last two stages to increase power transmission capacity. Three piece housing for ease of maintenance
    Technical Specifications
    • Motor Power : 250 Kw
    • Design Speed :1000 RPM
    • Type & Size of gearbox : S4BZ-35 S/So + ISDE + OSDE + FLS
    • Ratio : 210/1
    • Output Torque Rating  : 1452 KNm
    Product Application 600 TPD Sponge Iron Kiln Main Drive
    Range Available in ratios from 31.5 to 280 with Torque upto 2100 kNm
  • Applications
    • Rotary Kiln
    • Central Drive
    • Cane Carrier
    • Main Mill Drive
  • Industries
    • Cement Industry
    • Sugar Industry