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Radicon has already manufactured several sizes of gear boxes for cooling tower application which are designated as KBVCT. These are two stage gear boxes having 1st stage out of spiral bevel pair duly case hardened and lapped with another helical pair with case hardened and ground. Normally output shaft is vertically upward which takes the dynamic thrust of fan as well as dead weight of the same by virtue of thrust bearing which is provided in the gear box.

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  • Full Description
    Features Bevel Helical with horizontal input and vertically upward output shaft
    Advantages Specially designed for cooling tower drives with heavy duty bearings on output shaft to take care external load
    Technical Specifications KBVCT
    Product Application Cooling Tower Drives
    Range Available in ratios from 8 to 16 and Power range of 18 kw to 1355 kw
  • Applications
    • Cooling Tower
  • Industries
    • Power Industry