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Coiler / Uncoiler, Tension Reel & Pay-Off Reel Gear Box

Radicon has successfully designed, manufactured and supplied gearboxes for Coiler – Recoiler Drive for Steel Industries. This gear box will be exported to China through Magadh, Indore. This gearboxes are foot mounted, single stage, parallel shaft, helical gear reducer with solid input and special output shaft (in client scope of supply). This gear box has extra heavy duty Spherical Roller Bearings on output shaft to take care of the dead weight of Coil of 25 Tone as well as Coil Tension.

The gear box housing is made up from extra heavy (Sturdy) Mild Steel Fabricated Material of Fe410 WA as per IS 2062 to take care of the shock load due to coil winding and rewinding.

The internals are case carburised, hardened and ground and specially profile and longitudinal corrected to achieve higher rating and low noise level. The gears are made from high tensile carburising alloy steel of 17CrNiMo6 as per DIN-17210 and case hardened to 60 +/- 2 HRC, precisely ground to accuracy class 6. The toothings and bearings are Forced Oil Lubricated.

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  • Full Description
    Features Parallel shaft helical gear box with heavy duty bearings on output shaft
    Advantages Robust design with high load carrying capacity bearings to take load of coils during coiling, reeling and tensioning
    Technical Specifications SAN 900 S/So
    Product Application Used for Coiler Uncoiler, ETR-DTR, Pay-Off Reel Drives in Steel Industries
    Range Custom built as per customer requirement up to 4,000 kw power
  • Applications
    • Coiler / Uncoiler
  • Industries
    • Steel Industry