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Radicon has developed as special prupose custom built gear box for Bridle Drive and sheet Mill application. This has two input and two output shafts having independent gear trains driving the output shaft in opposite directions with variation in power input. The output shafts are connected to the rolls which stretch the sheet metal before rolling as well as after rolling.

Teeth of pinion and wheels are of double helical type so as to nullify the axial thrust acting on respective shaft. The gears are made from high tensile carburising alloy steel, 17CrNiMo6 as per DIN-17210 case hardened to 60 ± 2HRC and precisely ground to class of accuracy 6 as per DIN 3961 – 63.

The shafts are supported in Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearings of adepquate size to take care of radial loads permitting large degree of freedom against misalignment.

The gear box is installed with centralised lubrication oil system for providing necessary amount of oil to various gear meshes and bearings thereby resulting into smooth and trouble free operation.

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  • Full Description
    Motor Power 230 KW (Top)
    150 KW (Bottom)
    Speed All drives are housed in single casing maintaining shaft position
    Technical Specifications 0-1050-1150 rpm
    Ratio 4.19:1
    Weight 3020 Kg (Without Oil)
  • Applications
    • Bridle Drive
  • Industries
    • Steel Industry