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The Assel mill reduces and finishes the originally rolled mother tube. The finished seamless pipes are used for the races of antifriction bearings or even for other engineering applications. A tall, gigantic, rugged gearbox, having single input and three output with several idlers, drives this mill. The Assel mill gearbox is 5.1 metres long and 2.7 metres tall, weighing around 23 tons and capable of absorbing strong vibrations and shocks imparted by the tube rolling mill. The open aperture provided in the gearbox allows backward movement of hot working stock.

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  • Full Description
    Features Specially designed for Assel Mill
    Advantages Heavy Duty gearbox with precise ground gears and inbuilt thrust bearings
    Technical Specifications Suitable for 850kw input power at 600 rpm and ratio 3.976/1
    Product Application Assel Mill drive of Seamless Tube Industry
    Range Custom built to client`s specifications
  • Applications
    • PQF drive of Seamless Tube
  • Industries
    • Steel Industry