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Radicon has started producing Spiral Bevel Gears in 1976. Since then, Radicon using these specially designed, spiral-toothed gears in all Right Angle drive Bevel Helical Gearboxes and also supplying loose Spiral Bevel Pair to various users as per specific requirement.

Today, Radicon have largest capacity and capability to produce such spiral bevel gears in house.

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  • Full Description

    Spiral Bevel gears have the advantage over straight bevel gears in terms of smooth running, low noise level, and increase power transmission capacity.

    We have specialized Spiral Bevel Gears manufacturing set-up with dedicated Spiral Bevel Hard Cut machines. With new latest technology Hard cut Machines and our know-how ELECON can now produce gears up to 1100 mm in diameter with the highest quality possible.


    Customised Services


    With the latest calculation software’s, Elecon can design and calculate various ratings and factors of Spiral Bevel Pair. ELECON is able to produce tailor-made spiral bevel gears as per customer need. The entire process chain for spiral bevel gears – from design, to production, to measurement – is available under one roof.



    Elecon has very high capacity to produce precise spiral Bevel Pair on latest Hard Cut Machines. Elecon have Klinglberg Spiral Bevel Hard Cut Machines for manufacturing spiral bevel gears on 5-axis technology. It is a latest technology in which ELECON has invested in recent years in order to increase quality level of Spiral Bevel Pairs.

    Description Gear Diameter Module Gear Cutting Method Gear Finishing Nos. of Machine
    C100 U Machine 1,100 mm 2 to 15.5 Cyclo-Palloid Hard Cutting – HPGS with Quality class upto DIN 5 1 No.
    C 60 U Machine 600 mm 2.4 to 13     2 No.
    C 40 U Machine 400 mm 1.5 to 8     1 No.


    New Hard Cut Spiral Bevel Gears

    Hard cut Spiral Bevel Gears produced on new Hard Cut Machines with more accurate control on gear tooth surface, which increase contact during operations. It can produce a special tooth pattern, which cannot be created with conventional methods, and the final work quality is even more accurate.


    Measurement & Quality Checks

    With on machine checks as well as dedicated measuring and checking machines as well as in house laboratory allows all kind of checks an measurement to make sure that Spiral Bevel Pairs meet stringent requirements of material and profile.

  • Applications
    • Conveyors
    • Rotary Kiln
    • Vertical Roller Mill
    • Ball Mills
    • Raw Mill
    • Coal Mill
    • Central Drive
    • Travelling Grate
    • Nodulizer
    • Apron Conveyours
    • Elevator Drives
    • Separator Drive
    • Bulk Materials Handling
    • Classifier
    • Conveyor Drive
    • Bucket
  • Industries
    • Cement Industry
    • Sugar Industry
    • Steel Industry
    • Power Industry
    • Plastic Industry
    • Material Handling Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Palm Oil Industry
    • Crane Industry
    • Rubber Industry